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Going through life in misery is very often accepted as a fact of life by many people. In our view, this does not have to be the fact. HICCH was founded on this premise and on our belief in hypnotherapy as a highly effective, gentle and holistic healing modality. Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping people to let go of negative feelings that are controlling the way they run their lives, and to help them create a new way to experience life in happiness. 

Hypnosis is a choice. It will only succeed if you allow it to happen; and for those who do, it is a remarkable healing experience. Under hypnosis you will be able to connect with your inner and higher self, to express the wisdom that is already within you, which will show you the right way to run the rest of your life. We provide hypnotherapy in a relaxing, safe atmosphere where no one will judge you. We are only here to help you love yourself and understand the beauty of life, no matter what experience you are going through. 

If your childhood was full of fear and low self esteem, if you had traumatic or highly stressful experiences, if you have phobias, depression, doubts, or if you have thought patterns and habits that are causing you distress, if you want to quit smoking, lose excess weight, etc. hypnotherapy is your answer if you believe that you can change. We as humans have the capability of healing ourselves, and with our help you can create a whole new way of living, through hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle therapy that creates the change in you that you wish for. Hypnotherapy creates change on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We will help you to wake up with a smile on your face every morning, believing in the healing power that is within you.   

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